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Fumoire Flaresmoker

Wood stove

The flaresmoker of Harvia, the joy of cooking. Versatile, fast, easy to use and clean. Smoke-free, weatherproof. That it rains, that it snow, that it sells, the security is assured because the hearth is in a closed space. Its sophisticated look, its durability and above all its ease of use make it a product of much sought-after quality. Made almost entirely of stainless steel, the flaresmoker is an innovative and durable product. All grids are chrome plated and easily washable. The flaresmoker includes a heat transfer unit, a grease separator, grills for smoked or grilled foods with supports. A steel frying pan is available as an option. You can cook fish, meat or vegetables, and even skip pancakes. Why not a complete meal? Baked potatoes, choice of vegetables and roast beef. Poultry and steak will be deliciously grilled. Even your desserts will be a success thanks to the flaresmoker.



Optional sauté pan

Type Wood stove
Use Toast, Smoke, Fry, Poach
Dimensions ø 420mm, height 700mm
Power Wood
Weight 17 kg
Included 2 round grids
Materials Stainless steel
Optional Stainless steel sauté pan
warranty 2 years

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