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Sauna Holl's

Designer of sauna cabins

Did you know that the use of saunas dates from more than 2000 years ago?
The benefits of not having a sauna session are well established: better vasodilatation, bronchial cleansing, deeply cleansed skin.
At Holl's, we have developed for you a complete range of sauna and steam cabins, indoor and outdoor, featuring the latest panel technology for fun sessions. The Quartz + Magnesium mix of our panels ensures optimal heat.

Our sauna cabins

Multiwave multiwave


3 available versions
red cedar

Purewave pure wave


3 available versions
red cedar

Venetian Venetian


3 available versions
Steam sauna

Hybrid Combi Hybrid Combi

Hybrid Combi

1 available version
Steam sauna & infrared

Combi Access Combi Access

Combi Access

1 available version
Steam sauna & infrarede

Eccolo Eccolo


Steam tradition sauna
Red Cedar

Nos poêles

Poêles Harvia

Harvia stoves

For steam saunas

Fauteuil infrarouge

Alto confort plus

Alto confort plus

Infrared radiation armchair




For infrared emitters