Emetteur IR

At Holl's we think that a sauna should be as complete as possible. We have equipped all our infrared cabins with Dual Healthy technology. Proposing to the user's choice the technology Full Spectrum Quartz or Magnesium technology, at the touch of a button.

Full Spectrum Technology

Using Quartz lamps, infrared emitted by this technology penetrate deeply to relieve muscle and joint pain, but also to eliminate toxins. Taking advantage of an instant start-up time and a low operating temperature, a 15-minute session is enough to take full advantage of your sauna.

This technology is ideal for people sensitive to heat.

Magnesium technology

Emitting medium waves, it promotes perspiration and stimulates blood circulation, it also relieves stiffness. The warm-up time is approximately 15 minutes to fully enjoy an enveloping and relaxing heat bath. The effects on the skin are also spectacular.


Switch from Full Spectrum to Magnesium at the touch of a button



99% reflected infrared waves for optimal efficiency

Emetteur Quartz

Transmitter Full Spectrum

Quartz transmitter covering all infrared to relieve muscles and joints

Emetteur Magnesium

Magnesium emitter

High heat long-wave infrared emitter ideal for toxin removal and relaxation

grille de protection

Protection grid

Heating Mode Selection Button and Protective Grille

Full Spectrum and magnesium double action infrared panel

Holl's infrared emitters are unique in the combination of their Full Spectrum + Magnesium technology.

Full Spectrum technology allows you to emit a set of IR-A, IR-B and IR-C infrared waves to relieve muscles and joints and soothe skin lesions, all at a fairly low temperature.

Magnesium technology is dedicated to the relaxation and elimination of toxins by sweating. Their start-up time is longer but offer a more enveloping warmth.

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