Sauna extérieur Gaia Bella

Gaïa Omega

Heat and chromotherapy for total well-being


Spacious and with a maximum capacity of 6 people, with the Omega you won't have to insist on inviting family and friends

With its raw wood appearance, the Omega is sure to add character to your exterior. The door and windows with louvred wooden shutters ensure your privacy while enjoying the exterior view.

Soft lighting illuminates the interior of the cabin. Sitting or lounged on one of the levels of the two-tier bench, take full advantage of your relaxing moment.

The upper bench designed to offer greater ergonomics modulates and supports the legs in a reclining posture. Head resting on the headrest, the tensions of the day are released by the effects of heat and chromotherapy which are evenly diffused throughout this rounded sauna.


  • + Canadian Spruce
  • + 6 persons outside cabin
  • + Two benches / two heights
  • + Multi-positions upper bench
  • + 7 colours LED chromotherapy

steam technology

The steam sauna brings us back to the well-being traditions most deeply rooted in the Nordic countries.

It actually diffuses dry heat, the term "steam" referring to the actual steam created when water is added to the hot stones on the stove. This increases rapidly to generally reach 80 °C. The body warmed up releases all the tensions of the day and relaxes almost instantly.

Canadian Spruce

Who says high-end sauna, says carefully selected wood types. In Holl's sauna cabins, the essence of spruce combines its elegance with properties that multiply the benefits and pleasures of your sessions, year after year.

The spruce wood that we use for the manufacture of our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this very aromatic essence is sure to awaken your sense of smell.

Spruce wood exhibits a natural beauty and softness that combine with its ability to resist temperature variations, as well as unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

6 persons outside cabin

The ergonomics of the inside of the Gaïa Omega's cabin, in the shape of a barrel, has been optimized with two-tier benches that can accommodate up to 6 seated persons or 3 lounged.

two benches / two heights

With the two-tier benches choose the temperature for each of your sessions. The lower bench to begin and then the higher bench for deeper sweating.

multi-positions upper bench with comfort headrest

The multi-position upper bench with integrated headrest, designed for comfort, invites you to a real moment of relaxation.

7 colours led chromotherapy

LED lighting inside the cabin and its prism of seven colors inspired by the codes of chromotherapy offer you a complete body-mind relaxation session.

The waves specific to the colors red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet act differently on the organism through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energies and positively influence your state of well-being.

louvred glazed surface

Its light design underlined by elegant glazed surfaces decorated with louvers will bring a modern touch to your personal relaxation area.

The door and windows dressed with wooden louvers ensure your privacy all the whilse enjoying the outside view.

Model Gaïa Omega
Capacity 6 persons seated or 3 lounged
Dimensions 200x205x220 cm
Lighting 7 coulours LED chromotherapy (with remote control)
Cabin material Canadian spruce
Inside cabin Two-tier bench
Foldable upper bench
Removable headrest
Accessories included Bucket, ladle, hourglass, thermometer, hygrometer
Recommended stove* 6 to 8 kW (not included)

Stove sizing depends on usage conditions. Minimum capacity is indicated for use from April to October.

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