Barrel Sauna

steam sauna

Sauna Barrel Vap
Garantie électronique 2 ans
Garantie boiserie 10 ans

Steam Technology


6 places


Pine wood


Designed for outdoor


The outside sauna with a panoramic view

With its rounded rectangular design, exceptional elegance and Finnish pine panels, this sauna’s steam technology makes it ideal for outside use. Its dimensions (200 x 180 x 197cm) are perfect for seating up to 6 persons. With its glazed door and windows on each side, this sauna gives you a nice view outside while you enjoy all the benefits of a steam sauna.


A view on both sides

With its door and windows on each side, this sauna allows you to enjoy an outside view of both sides of the sauna. It also has the advantage of letting in the outside light whatever the orientation of the sauna.


Inside lighting

This sauna is equipped with an interior lighting allowing you to enjoy a night session while being outside your home.


Steam Sauna

Spacious Barrel Vap invites you to enjoy the benefits of traditional steam baths outdoors.


Secure glass door

Access to your sauna has never been easier. The Holl's saunas doors are made of 6mm safety glass to guarantee insulation, comfort and safety in case of door breakage. The wooden handle is also equipped with a magnet to keep it closed.


Solid wood

With a double thickness to ensure a strong resistance and to avoid any loss, the HOLL'S Barrel Vap uses autoclave-treated pinewood for the outside and natural for the interior.



  • 6 persons
  • 200 x 180 x 197 cm
  • Anti-moisture treated pine exterior
  • Natural pine interior
  • Interior lighting
  • Sauna kit included (Thermometer, Bucket, Ladle, Hourglass)
  • Recommended stove 8 Kw
  • Stove not included
  • Secure glass door
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