Poele sauna pierres de lave

Sauna Lava Stones

Split-face heater stones in the sauna tradition

2 dimensions

Stones that optimise steam production in the sauna cabin

Harvia lava stones for electric sauna heaters are traditionally selected to provide the full benefits of a steam sauna session.

As split stones, they provide a larger surface area on which water can evaporate and provide that intense steam heat. They are also easier to stack and therefore optimise the heating space of the heater.

Choose the size of the stone - 5 or 10 cm - according to the volume of your electric sauna heater.


  • + Maximizes water evaporation
  • + Easy to stack in the heater
  • + Creates a soft warmth
Type Lava stones - 5/10cm Lava stones - 10/15 cm
Reference AC3000 AC3020
Dimensions Diameter 5 to 10 cm Diameter 10 to 15 cm
Packaging dimensions 40 × 28 × 14 cm
Packaging weight 20 kg