Holls Hybrid Combi

Hybrid Combi

Traditional and Dual Healthy,the best of both worlds

Hemlock and Red cedar
4 persons

Having trouble choosing between the pleasure of a traditional sauna and the benefits of infrared waves?

Holl’s has thought of you by creating a cabin that combines these two concepts of sauna! The Hybrid Combi revolutionises the sauna experience as it allows you to enjoy a steam or an infrared session depending on your mood and needs.

8 Dual Healthy Quartz + Magnesium emitters are ideally located on all panels to provide maximum benefits. 1 carbon panel on the floor provides instant warmth throughout the cabin.

If it is a traditional steam sauna that you are in a mood for, the Hybrid Combi is fully equipped with stove and sauna kit (bucket, laddle, hourglass, hygrometer, thermometer). Enjoy your relaxing moment with complete peace of mind.


  • + Dual Healthy Infrared technology
  • + Exterior in red cedar and hemlock
  • + Floor carbon emitter
  • + Bluetooth/MP3 audio and FM radio
  • + Centralized digital control panel
  • + LED lighting ambience
  • + Safety-glass door

hybrid technology

The Hybrid Combi revolutionises the sauna experience as it allows you to choose between 3 operating modes.

Infrared technology and a choice between Magnesium and Full Spectrum Quartz emitters to enjoy intense surface heat or a softer but more penetrating dry heat.

A steam session with dry heat which relaxes deeply and instantly the body.

All of this in a large capacity sauna cabin.

dual healthy technology

The Dual Healthy sauna includes two types of infrared emitters - Magnesium and Full Spectrum Quartz - that can be activated according to the results desired: the first promoting sweating as well as skin detoxification and the second musculo-articular relaxation.

Heat in an infrared sauna is lower than in a steam sauna; it varies between 40°C and 60°C.

Led control panel + stereo audio sytem
fm / usb / bluetooth

Because comfort is not just about heating the cabin, the control panel indicates the desired temperature as well as the current temperature. It allows you to control the temperature, program a timer, and manage the LED lights.

With the integrated audio system, you can listen to your favourite music, either via USB stick or memory card, but also via Bluetooth or the FM radio of your choice.

7-colours LED chromotherapy

LED lighting inside the cabin and its prism of seven colors inspired by the codes of chromotherapy offer you a complete body-mind relaxation session.

The waves specific to the colors red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet act differently on the organism through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energies and positively influence your state of well-being.

Model Hybrid Combi
Capacity 4 persons
Dimensions 180x140x190 cm
Infrared capacity 8 x 350W Quartz & Magnesium emitters: 2 800 W
1 floor Carbon panel: 100 W
Stove capacity (included) Harvia 4.5 kW (stones included) Harvia 6.0 kW (stones included) Harvia Wall Black 4.5 kW (stones included)
Lighting Interior lighting + 7-colours LED chromotherapy
Structure & Woodwork Exterior in hemlock and red cedar
Interior in abachi
Equipment and accessories included MP3/Bluetooth + 2 speakers
Sauna kit: bucket, laddle, hourglass, thermometer, hygrometer
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