Eccolo Sauna

The low
energy sauna

Sauna Eccolo
Garantie électronique 2 ans
Garantie boiserie 10 ans

Steam Technology


6 places


Hemlock and red cedar




Minimum consumption, maximum comfort

All parameters have been studied to ensure the sauna conserves energy. Its walls are insulated and the space beneath the benches is enclosed for optimum insulation. Door opening and closing have been designed to avoid any heat loss. This economical sauna reaches 90° while being connected to a conventional 16A 230Volt socket.


Optimum insulation, Minimal consumption

Everything has been designed for minimal energy consumption: particularly insulated walls, spaces under the closed benches and closing the door redesigned. The energy loss and the heated surface are then greatly reduced with ECCOLO.


Steam Sauna

Steam technology is associated with this low-consumption sauna. Thus, the power consumption is halved while preserving the quality and well-being provided by the steam. This traditional large capacity sauna (6 people) only requires a conventional 16A 230 Volt outlet (instead of a 380V outlet). Its installation is all the more simple.


Different heights

The traditional Eccolo sauna consists of two different heights. Thus, you can enjoy a moderate heat staying at the first level or a more intense heat at the second level


Premium Chromotherapy

Placed at the level of the headrests chromotherapy offers a change of color to create different atmospheres. Consisting of LED spots, it recreates all the colors of the spectrum. So plunge into soothing worlds.


Solid wood

With a double thickness to ensure strong resistance and avoid any loss, Eccolo from HOLL'S uses solid woods respecting the Forest Stewardship Council, for sustainable management of forests.

Hemloch, Red Cedar & Abachi


  • 6 persons
  • 200 x 175 x 190 cm
  • Mineral wool insulation and vapour barrier
  • Exterior trim in Hemlock and Red Cedar and interior trim in Abachi
  • Hemlock and red cedar
  • Sauna kit included (Thermometer, Bucket, Ladle, Hourglass)
  • 4.5 Kw stove included
  • Secure glass door
  • Interior LED Chromotherapy
Plan du Eccolo