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Vega stove

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Poêle Harvia Vega

Electric stove

Harvia Vega is an elegant stove and easy to use. The stainless steel casing gives your sauna a modern appearance. The controls are ergonomically placed at the top, on the side of the stove, for easy use.
Vega is easy to install on a separate wall mount. Thanks to its symmetrical design, this stove can be easily used on one side or the other. Electrical connections are made from the stove side, which simplifies installation.
Thanks to its structure, the Vega stove can be mounted low on the wall of the sauna. The heat can be evenly distributed in the sauna and also in quantity to the lower benches. Vega stoves are controlled by an integrated control unit.


schema poêle Harvia Vega
Type Electric stove
Power 4,5 kW 6 kW 8 kW
Recommended volume (min-max) 3 - 6 m3 5 - 8 m3 7 - 12 m3
Min. Sauna height 190 cm
Dimensions (L x p x H) 480 x 310 x 540 mm
Weight (without stones) 11 kg
Max. capacit 20 kg
Electricity supply 230 V 1N~ / 400 V 3N~
Cables 3 x 4m2 / 5 x 1,5m2 3 x 6m2 / 5 x 1,5m2 3 x 10m2 / 5 x 2,5m2
Fuses 1 x 16A / 3x 10A 1 x 16A / 3x 16A
Safety distance :
A - Wall
B - Inf. platform
C - Sup. platform
D - Ceiling
E - Floor

35 mm
20 mm
35 mm
1100 mm
100-200 mm

50 mm
30 mm
50 mm
1100 mm
100-200 mm

100 mm
30 mm
80 mm
1100 mm
100-200 mm

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